Used/Brokered Com-Pac Yachts

Are you thinking of selling your current Com-Pac? Please speak with us about listing her for you as we always have lots of requests for used Com-Pacs in good condition. We have recently sold through all of the used Com-Pacs which we had in brokerage and are always looking for more Com-Pacs to sell! Please contact us if selling your Com-Pac is in your future! We look forward to hearing from you.

We at Tred Avon Yacht Sales, Inc. have been a Com-Pac Yachts dealer for more than 10 years, and we have had the pleasure of selling the entire range of Com-Pac Yachts, both new and used. While we would love to sell you a new boat, we have had the gratification of helping many customers find a used Com-Pac which fits their budget and their needs when a new boat is not an option. This is one of the problems when you represent a quality manufacturer; there are generally good boats on the used market at any given time, but sorting through the model changes can be confusing!

14' Com-Pac Picnic Cat

17' Com-Pac Sun Cat

17' Com-Pac Sun Cat Com-Pac 17

20' Com-Pac Horizon Cat

17' Com-Pac Sun Cat Com-Pac 17

17' Com-Pac Sun Cat Com-Pac 17

19' Com-Pac Yachts XL Com-Pac 19

27' Com-Pac 27 Mk II

27' Com-Pac Com-Pac 27 MK III Com-Pac 27 Diesel Sloop

27' Com-Pac Com-Pac 27 Mk II 27' Com-Pac Com-Pac 27 Mk II

35' Com-Pac Yacht Com-Pac 35

Is this your first time owning a boat? Maybe you are concerned about spending a lot of money on a new boat on an activity which you or your family may not enjoy. Let us help you find a used Com-Pac yacht that fits your budget and keeps you in your comfort zone. Who knows, maybe you will join our growing list of Com-Pac owners who are on their second, third, or fourth Com-Pac, and their latest boat they ordered new! I have even had customers that had purchased a specific Com-Pac Yacht used & decided that they really wanted to buy a new boat, equipped from the factory as they would like. You know what, even after exhaustive searching through the internet and boat shows, they came back to the very Com-Pac model which they already own, so they ordered a new one factory fresh with colors, options, and equipment which they wanted aboard! We have seen many owners moving up and down the size range depending on their needs and changing sizes of their crews.

Many, many owners have started in the original Com-Pac 16 of which over 3,000 were built in their time and moved up to a large boat later on when their needs changed. Let us be your broker (at no cost to you, the buyer) and find a used Com-Pac even if we do not have the boat you are looking for listed below. We know the updates and changes which have been made through the years, and we are happy to assist you in finding a Com-Pac which is right for you. Please see the list below of used Com-Pac Yachts which we have for sale in our brokerage department. Not finding what you are looking for? Please feel free to contact us about helping you track down the best Com-Pac to fit your needs!